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History of Villa Delmás:

History of Villa Delmás:

This villa was built by Ambrosio Perdomo and it was owned by the Perdomo family throughout various generations until the 20th century, when the property passed to two other important families in the island, the Arata-Perdomo family and the López-Socas family.

However, in 1995, Pedro Perdomo, who was a direct descendant of Ambrosio Perdomo, recovered the property for the family estate, where it remains in hands of her daughter Alma María Perdomo, who has made a tourist accommodation qualified as the 1st Emblematic House authorised by the Government of the Canary Islands in Lanzarote.

Description of the house and its annexes:

The emblematic house Villa Delmás is a monumental and stately house built in the 18th century on an estate of around 10,000 m2 of exclusivity and privacy within the town centre, surrounded by centenary Canarian palm trees and Indian laurels and decorated in a modern and elegant style, which creates an intimate and comfortable atmosphere.

The other constructions within the property have an unmistakably agricultural and farming flavour, typical of the North of the island and more specifically of Haría, with elements such as the large enarenado (dry-farming field), the stables, the service room, the area where the grain used to be stored, the three wells, the wood-fired oven and the alberca (water store), which evidenced the economic power, providing water to the house and animals and fields in the property during a time when many were facing food and water shortage.