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This is the patio of the mezzanine solarium, with a surface area of 11.61 m2. It is located underneath the wooden mezzanine, where welcomed shadows provide a nice cool place for breakfast or lunch while sheltered from the sun.


One of the key elements of the Canarian architecture is the central patio around which all the rooms are located and almost all of them are connecting rooms. This patio has a surface area of 80.47 m2 and it consists of the central courtyard, which is also a place to collect water, an indoor gallery leading into the hallway, living room, dining room and study and other outdoor gallery where another jewel of the Canarian traditional way of life is located, the destila.

The destila is a traditional storage system for filtering rainwater used by the Canarian people to obtain nice clean and cool drinking water. The families poured some rainwater into the natural porous stone, which was covered by maidenhair fern plants. Rainwater passed through several natural filters absorbing the properties of each material through which it passes, first from the stone and then from the plant. Once naturally distilled, water was stored in a clay vessel and the family members used to collect water from there by using a small jar. Nowadays, we have maintained this system so our guest may enjoy it in the Canarian patio, surrounded by plants that bring colour and life to the centre of the house.


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