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With a surface area of 13.76 m2 the most significant fixture in this room is the large hood over the ancient kitchen. The room has been decorated in a traditional style and its small table with ancient chairs is an ideal place to have a coffee or hot chocolate while observing the outdoor patio through its small window.


Although living within the large walls of a traditional house is like a trip back in time, it does not necessarily mean that you have to cut the comfort of modern life. With this purpose, your hosts have installed a 12.42 m2 kitchen with a convenient central island where you may have a glass of wine while sitting on its stools and cooking, with a view to the garden. The kitchen is equipped with an integrated fridge and freezer, both units with the same capacity, oven, microwave, warming tray, dishwasher, two air extractors, toaster, blender, kettle, coffee machine, tableware and kitchen utilities suffice for the number of guests staying in the house.


Each room has its own private bathroom but the house would not be comfortable without another bathroom to which the guests may access from the common areas. This bathroom as a surface area of 9.24 m2 and it is located next to the kitchen.


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