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"In rehabilitation"

The house has three natural wells that were used in their time to irrigate the crop field and provide water for the animals of the family. Nowadays, aware of the lack of water in the island, these wells and the aljibes (water stores) of the house are used to irrigate the marvellous gardens of this emblematic house.

The outdoor washing place has been restored and it is located in a corner of the César Garden; a visit to this place is the perfect excuse to get a peek of the ravine flanking the house on the North side. 


Because of the ever-present farming past of the property, the house receives its water from the tank that gathered water from the wells and the rain. For the young people of the town it was always a time for fun and commotion when they saw how the fresh water filled the tank as they were allowed to use it as a swimming pool. This place with natural stone floors and high walls is nowadays another spot that we may offer you for your special celebrations.


Traditional oven dating from the 18th century that will serve you to cook the most delicious meals. Our chef may use it to bake the bread for you or maybe a tasty roast, at your request.



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